There’s a New Gym In Town..

Pure Gym are opening a new facility 1-mile from our small business. They are offering memberships that are 1/10th the cost of ours. They will spend more on their Grand Opening than we can generate in total revenue in a decade. Everywhere I go in town I see their adverts, and almost everyone I know asks me if I’m aware they’re opening.

You would expect that any small business owner would be really concerned when a massive chain opens up down the road, but I’m not.

The opening of another gym in town can only help to make our business stand apart even further.

One of the reasons that I’m confident is that over the years I’ve learnt who my members really are. By the time a prospective member contacts us they’ve already, “been there, done that, and got the T-shirt”, as far as budget fitness is concerned. Or they have particular needs that only a small business has the flexibility to cater for.

This new gym will need thousands and thousands of members to keep their shareholders happy. They are playing the corporate fitness game that turns clients into serial numbers, and fitness into a rental commodity rather than a service, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re able to provide rock-bottom prices for their memberships that allow anyone to access their facility.

Their business is numbers, ours is relationships.

Our focus is on the small number of members (currently 185) who call our gym a 2nd home, where all the staff know all the clients, and who’s only purpose is to help them reach their goals.

We’ve been there with our clients to help celebrate promotions, pregnancies, health & fitness milestones, and many other victories. We’ve also been there to help them deal with divorce, loss, and mental health issues.

Oh, and our members become the healthiest, fittest, and strongest they’ve ever been!

I’m confident that no other gym in town offers our service and results for our prices. I’m also certain that the only thing this new gym will have to differentiate itself from all the other budget gyms in town is price. They are racing to the bottom of a pricing war that no one wins.

We will continue to focus on what we do best, and that’s help people who want to get healthier.

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