Full-time Coach Wanted!

CrossFit Leamington are offering a salaried position with opportunities to earn commission from PT sales.

The Job:

  • £24,000 p/a
  • 30/40 hrs p/wk
  • Duties include Coaching, PT, Course delivery, Social Admin, Programming, Customer Care, Cleaning


The suitable candidate must possess strong emotional intelligence, and must be empathetic and hospitable by nature. We are NOT looking for a Games athlete. We don’t care what your Fran time is, or what your 1RMs are. However, you must be able to move very well and have strong technical comprehension for movement.
CF Level 1 & 2 preferable but not mandatory until job commencement.

All candidates must be prepared to go through a thorough application process where we immerse you in our unique culture. The successful candidate will complete a number of classes as a member, at the same time you’ll be going through our Coaching Development Course.

Coach Kayleigh


  • Program a week of classes with warm-up, Coaches’ notes, and logistic consideration.
  • Plan for a class of 18. We have ample equipment and 160m2 active area. The plan must accommodate all members safely.
  • Program a schedule of social media posts covering a full week, reflecting our current tone as seen on our SM pages. 2 posts per day. Feel free to use any images you like, including ones we’ve already posted, the main focus will be on the quality of the copy.

Interview – Skype/in person

*The theory tasks must be complete prior to the interview.


  • Attend 1 session as a member
  • Deliver 1 hour of PT (We will provide the client and training subject)
  • Deliver a small group class (09.30)
  • Deliver a large group class (17.30)

We expect the candidate to have studied our website and social pages, and be familiar with our prices, schedule, and membership options.

The ideal candidate must be willing to do any and all tasks that Coaching at CFL demands. Including; Cleaning, equipment & facility maintenance, programming, PT, Foundation Course delivery, Classes, social media managements, sales & marketing, and customer care. You may be asked to work early mornings, late evenings, and over the weekend.

For more information or to register your interest please email us at info@crossfitleamington.com.