CrossFit Cabin Fever

“Cabin Fever” is an idiomatic term used to describe the claustrophobic reaction an individual or group of people have when they end up in isolation, solitary locations, or stuck indoors.

Throughout my career I’ve used the term to describe the mentality that I see so often amongst groups of extremely fit people who regularly train together in the same environment.

It’s a conversation I have multiple times on a weekly basis.

“Coach, I don’t feel like I’m progressing fast enough anymore.”
“So-and-so are fitter/stronger than I am, what am I doing wrong?”
“Why am I so weak and slow?”

Sometimes I place my hands on their shoulders, look them straight in the eyes, and almost shout, “HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHO YOU WERE WHEN YOU WALKED IN HERE THE FIRST TIME????”

Because I haven’t.

Every Coach remembers how their clients used to be.

I remember when you couldn’t do a single push-up…off your knees.

I remember when the empty bar felt heavy for you.

I remember when you had to stop every 100 meters on a short run.

I remember those who came to us already fit but had no idea how to move properly.

I remember how humbled you felt after your first full workout, and realised that your prowess on the rugby pitch meant nothing here.

As you evolved from a couch potato, cardio bunny, or gym bro, into a stronger, leaner, meaner version of yourself, your ambitions and self-criticizing nature moved in lockstep with your progression.

It’s common to compare yourselves to that person in the gym who’s just a little “better” than you. By doing so you are always going to feel inferior by comparison.

This is the Cabin Fever talking! You’ve lost your perspective and need a slight readjustment.

So, I ask you; Did you come here to be better than other people, or to improve your condition?

I am telling you now that as a CrossFitter at CrossFit Leamington you are amongst the fittest humans on the planet.

You train 3 to 6 times a week! Lifting, squatting, pulling, running, rowing, pushing, swinging, crawling, jumping. Heavy weights, light weights, body weight. A million variations of powerfully selected movements, carefully Coached.

Other people simply don’t train like you. Those that do are either professional or serious athletes, or work for the military, police, or fire service.

Be bloody proud of yourself! Because your Coaches are SO proud of you.

Next time we have a visitor at the gym, watch their eyes grow wide when they step through the door. They’re looking at YOU. Not our crazy colours or unusual equipment. It’s you, your hard work, determination, and powerful physiques.

They’re a little scared, even intimidated, but also impressed, inspired, and excited to join you.