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Meet Aideen
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Meet Aideen

“I have two young boys, and at the end of a class when they go, “mummy that was so good, you’re so strong”, I am so proud of that. It’s not just their dad that they look up to, they look up to a really strong mum.”

ladies of crossfit
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The majority of our members are female, hear what some of them have to say about their experiences so far.

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“CrossFit is suitable for every shape, every size, every ability, or every disability. It’s irrelevant. what you can and what you can’t do.”

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Our first birthday!

Our members have overwhelmed us with their generosity and affection. They surprised CFL’s owner Sotiris with a party and this amazing video to celebrate our Box’s first year anniversary. Thank you all for making this an amazing and truly unique job!

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CrossFit Leamington: Meet Allen

Meet Allen, he’s been with us since our very first session.

su & fernando
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CrossFit Leamington: Meet the Parents!

Since we made this Fernando and Su have given birth to their beautiful baby girl, Julieta! “Fit mum – fit baby”…so true!

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CrossFit Leamington: Meet Anya

When Anya joined us it was like adopting a jellyfish. She had no form, no position awareness, and almost no strength. Fast forward three months and the coaches now call her, “Strong Anya”! She has improved so much and proven that developing strength can be done by someone who previously only went running. She is determined not to be weak, and now regularly kicks ass and impresses us with her improvements.

"Regardless of how rubbish my day has been and how flat I'm feeling I can always guarantee I will leave a session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with a smile on my face"
Nick Pykett
Crossfit Leamington Member