We've answered your most frequently asked questions about CrossFit Leamington.

Workout of the Day!  Unless we are repeating a specific workout, no two WODs are the same.

We cap the class size to 18 people, and the average attendance is 14-16.  This way we can ensure everyone gets quality coaching time!

YES!  CrossFit is perhaps the most appropriate gym environment for anyone who requires an adaptation for exercise.  We pride ourselves on our expertise in scaling and adapting movements to make them appropriate for you. 

NO!  We get this questions all the time.  Or rather, we hear, “I need to improve my fitness before I join.”  That’s just nerves talking!  The majority of our members started as complete beginners.  Not just to CrossFit but to exercise in general.  Remember this, you don’t have to be fit to start but you have to start to be fit.

That’s the beauty of CrossFit;  Apart from getting fit and having fun at the same time, we teach you actual skills.  Such as Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, how to use a kettlebell, and how to do a number of bodyweight exercises correctly.

If looking like those elite CrossFit athletes that we see on TV was as easy as lifting some weights a few hours a week, then we would all look like King Leonidas from 300!  It takes a lot of dedication to build a physique that bulky.  You have to train for hours everyday, eat perfectly, have fantastic genetics, and some good ol’ fashioned luck!  The reality is, if you commit to our program you will get lean, strong, and athletic.

As a general rule we say that if you do no other activity then you should exercise at least three times a week.  Two or less and you wont be making progress at a rate that would satisfy you.  Too many sessions a week before you’re used to it would just overwhelm you.  However, it does totally depend on the individual, their lifestyle, and capacity.  This is a conversation that our coaches want to have with you, and it’s part of our duty to help you find the right rhythm.

At CFL your safety and wellbeing is our primary concern, and our mission is to make you healthier.  Of course, there is an inherent danger to exercise but CrossFit only becomes dangerous when Coach’s advise is ignored or people lift with their egos.  CrossFit Leamington’s reputation as a gym that actually helps rehabilitate people with old injuries is growing.  People are now being referred to us specifically because they’ve had an injury that other gyms can’t manage, and they find that training on their own feels unproductive without someone helping to adapt their workouts.  We specialise in adapting and scaling workouts for people who need help getting fit again. Rugby, football, Martial Arts, horse riding, and skiing are all far more dangerous sports than CrossFit!  

People first imagine that CrossFit is a land full of young, naturally fit men and women who were born with six-packs.  The reality is, the vast majority of our members are hard working professionals, mums and dads, you know – normal people!  

No, we are Affiliates.  The distinction is that each Affiliate pays an annual fee to use the name ‘CrossFit’, and from there each business is operated independently.  Whereas, if we were franchised then we would all be the same.  Same uniform, same culture, same procedures, same staff training, and so on. Sure, there are strong commonalities between the gyms because we all love and want to deliver CrossFit, but each facility is as different as the Coaches who own and run them.  That’s why it’s really important to do a bit of research before you chose your CrossFit gym.  

"I'm so motivated when I go there, everyone is so supportive and encouraging. One of the best decisions I've made in life "
Claire Stacey
CrossFit Leamington Member